Metso Crusher: 8 reasons to buy

Metso Minerals is the world leader in sales of crushers for more than a century. In recent decades Emil Import, as a distributor in Spain, has contributed its bit as far as sales are concerned for this to continue to be so. In the field of construction machinery there is no one who doubts that Metso Minerals brand is the benchmark for crushing, and this has been achieved by combining its long experience, its technology and high quality materials.

In Metso, we know that the only real measure of our value is in the results we provide to our customers. Our skills have been entrenched for more than a century of experience that today offer our customers with an unparalleled knowledge base and innovative technologies to ensure that its crushing and screening operations are beneficial. By choosing crushers Metso, its operations are guaranteed, as well as the benefits, Metso ensures that you can work seamlessly.

Here you can find the 8 fundamental reasons why buying a Metso Crusher:

Reliability and Durability

Each crusher Metso Lokotrack is built to last for decades. So much so that the first Lokotrack built in 1985 is still in use. And this is thanks to a high level of engineering at the time of its design and strict and persistent quality tests that usually happens every crusher Metso, this ensures that each Lokotrack can function perfectly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . The components of Metso crushers with quality and Caterpillar diesel engines that incorporate, manage to ensure that the crusher Metso operates smoothly, efficiently and safely.


There is no doubt that when we talk about Metso crusher, we are in the best crusher market, and this is true not only for their durability and quality components, but because of this together makes their production and work for which is required are insured and guaranteed. Also worth noting that the wide range of crushers Metso means that there is practically a crusher for each application, so that specialization makes their performance even higher and above is uninterrupted.

In short, thanks to the quality of its components, the design of cavity and wear parts and their specialization applications, allows us to ensure that Metso Lokotrack crushers are the crushers with higher production market.

Compact, efficiente intelligent


Metso Minerals crushers stand out for its compact, efficient and intelligent character, any crusher Metso responds to current challenges grinding. These teams combine excellent mobility with high crushing capacity and high availability. A Metso crusher is able to shred with the same efficiency all feed materials, from hard rock to full mineral demolition debris, opening up new business opportunities.
Advanced intelligence with the IC500
The new Metso crushers incorporate an intelligent control system and highly advanced processes, the new IC500, as a standard feature. The IC500 controls and adjusts all key process parameters to achieve optimum crushing results and also has the ability to learn during the process and adapt to the needs of each user.

Market Value

Buying a Metso Crusher is a safe bet, both for its durability and reliability as high production going to get. That is why buy a crusher Metso is to ensure its revaluation. If for any reason in the future no longer needs the service provided by him, the Metso crushers retain a high market value that will ensure to sell in the spot market at a reasonable price.

Easy to use and maintain

The design and technology are critical when making a crusher Metso values, it is why these crushers have monitors where you can see real-time diagnostics and the easiest way. Each crusher Metso has a single button start and stop process and also have a system linking equipment for multi-stage processes, all Metso equipment connected by a cable that makes it can control all at once.

And thanks to its global success, are crushers have been developed in all major languages. Which together with the above features it makes Metso crushers are leaders in their industry with a variety of services.


One of the maxims when making a crusher Metso is providing it with greater safety, which is why they are manufactured with stairs and platforms suitable for use. Each crusher is equipped with appropriate protective finger and safety cables. As with the hopper feeder with hydraulic lock in case of emergency. The only button ring boot process and available to Metso crushers is also an excellent safety measure.

Energy and Environment

The Metso crushers are the most efficient in the market thanks to its high-tech engine and its innovative hydraulic systems and power transmission. Also they have a dust reduction system and are easy to transport equipment.