IMPACT CRUSHER METSO LT 1213s | The desired impact

The impact crusher Metso  LT1213S Lokotrack series is a mobile crushing plant with impact crusher equipped with a screen of one floor high capacity and a return belt material. This magnificent crushing plant by impact crusher is manufactured under the power of the diesel engine Caterpillar C13, which makes it the most powerful on the market and the impact crusher its range with increased production.

The new dual-tilt screen that has the impact crusher Metso LT 1213s and tape return side offer a high capacity screening board and makes the LT1213 is able to operate in both open circuit and closed circuit. This screen module besides being larger (5.7 m2) is a dual module, provides two screening angles allowing efficient and more accurate screening. The crusher LT1213S versatility makes can be adjusted for crushing demolition, or quarry material including asphalt recycling applications.

There are many advantages of this new tape return, offers a hydraulic swivel, much more convenience and quick preparation, increased dump clearance and it is not necessary to disassemble for transport. The screening unit can be fitted in a few minutes. All this makes the new LT1213S can be transported or towed as a single unit, greatly facilitating its transport, and in itself was enough since we are before the most compact impact crusher, with transport measures 19,400 x 3,200 x 3,600 mm for a total of 55 tons.

Another of its main advantages is the option to “bypass” with which we get 3 possibilities when materials precribar: first we remove all material falling from the feeder schuss, secondly we send all material falling from the feeder to the main belt and finally could send some of the material falling from the feeder to the schuss previously screened by a mesh and the rest to the main belt.

Molino impactor Metso LT1213s

The impact crusher LT1213S has a transmission of high technology offering a more efficient drive system to the crusher, with start and brake assist. An optimized with an independent fan and Standby function it makes it possible in this impact crusher up to 20% less fuel consumption and more power to the crusher and helps reduce noise at idle hydraulic circuit.

The innovative design of this impact crushers Metso gets safer process and greater accessibility to components when maintenance. Besides the new display IC 700 offers much more information to the operator of the equipment. The LT1213S also offers increased security measures and installation facilities, and a new belt tensioning system.

The new impact crusher Metso LT1213s offers a number of very important advantages over their competitors and this makes the customer to obtain a set of values ​​added by purchasing this team:

  • Up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Tape radial side conveyor – mechanical, you can download right or left.
  • New hydraulic lock side of the feed hopper.
  • Increased access to services engine module.
  • Improved engine air filtration.
  • Improved reliability of the electrical system.
  • TIER 4i engine package.
  • Tape return on board (no need to disassemble for transport).
  • Radial return hydraulic tape.
  • Increased screening area 5.75 m2 (1.6 x 3.6 m) (40% previously respect LT1213S).
  • Direct drive crusher
  • New IC 700, more information.