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Crushing & Screening

Emil Import, we have a long experience in carrying out projects for a complete RCD treatment (Waste Construction & Demolition) with equipment and machinery of leading brands as Metso Minerals.
Emil Crush&Screen refers to machinery for crushing and screening, includes mobile pre-screeners, mobile screening plants, screeners, mobile jaw crushing plant, mobile impactor crushers or mobile cone crushers.

Crushing Machinery

Mobile crushing plant, crushers of RCD by systems jaw crusher, cone crusher or  impactor crusher. Different sizes and applications according to your need. Metso Crushers. Lokotrack Crushers.

Screening Machinery

Mobile screening plants, screens of RCD to separate different types of materials. We have both pre-screeners and screeners for 2, 3 and 4 materials as you need. Metso Screens. Lokotrack Screens.

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Emil Underground includes drilling machinery and machinery to earthmoving and trenchering. In the first group are horizontal augers, tunneling and fluid mixers; In the second group, all kinds of trenchers: tire trenchers,chain trenchers, with cutting chain, with blade, surface miners, etc.

Trenchering & Earthmoving

Crawler trenchers, trenchers on wheels. Roadminer. SurfaceMiner. Trencor trenchers.

Drilling Machinery

Wide range of horizontal augers, directed tunneling equipment and fluid mixers.

Recycling Machinery

Recycling is the process that aims to recover some of the components contained in waste. Emil Recycling is created with the main purpose of meeting this need, power supply equipment capable of performing this recovery. Thanks to Emil products recycling complete a product range dedicated to the recycling of all types of waste: RSU, RSI, forestry waste, agricultural waste, inert waste, etc.
Besides Emil Recycling offers a technical department prepared for projects complete recycling plants as machinery designs and has a specialized staff in maintenance service , repairs and modifications of all components of a plant.

Recycling Machinery

Wide range of plants, machinery and equipment for recycling of all types of waste wood, pruning, RSU, RSI, plastics, paper, cardboard, used tires (NFU)

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Paving & Road

Emil Pave&Road is the line for soil stabilization, paving and road construction. The machines that can be found are soil stabilizers, pavers rotation, pavers, finishers cylinders, volumetric concrete mixers and concrete plants.

Paving Machinery

Wide range of plants, machinery and equipment for soil stabilization and paving. As well as concrete pavers and volumetric mixers.


Emil Equipment includes demolition equipment, handling, recycling, compaction and drilling. Among the equipment are quick couplings, digger and loader accessories inclination or portapallets sweepers. In demolition: shears, pulverizers, grazers, hammers and more. Handling equipment include tweezers, octopus, bivalves, suction lift, magnets, articulated arms, spoons and recycling crushers and screeners. In terms of compaction we have compactors wheels, trays compactors, rollers and vibrators. Drilling equipment, among others: vertical augers, augers for agriculture, holes for posts, trenchers accessories.


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