The majorcan company Coexa S.A. ends the year expanding its machinery range with the addition of one of the most powerful trenchers models of the American firm Trencor through its distributor in Spain, Emil Import, leader in machinery trading company.

Last October Emil Import delivered to majorcan company Coexa S.A. the Trencher Trencor 1060 HD, one of the most popular model of the American brand, distributed in Spain for many years by Emil Import. The deal between Emil Import and Coexa S.A. was closed after several meetings between Enrique Grau, Emil Import manager and Mr. Biel Soler Coexa S.A. manager , both parties being very satisfied with the deal by the trencher Trencor 1060 HD.

This Trencor trencher is the best machine for the kind of pipes that needed Coexa, accustomed to working in rocky terrain. The Trencor trencher offers the highest performance in excavation market, capable of trenches up to 2´5 m. deep with a width of 91 cm. Creating a perfect profile trenching.

Besides the extracted material is completely crushed so you can reuse for coating the trench or in other jobs. This trencher has a powertrain “Power Trencor” that makes the best machine for work in rock, having various cutting speeds via a shuttle transmission, which makes it fully adaptable to the type of ditch and land required for maximum production. We are facing a 45 tons trencher with  Caterpillar C9 engine with 350 hp. Fully equipped: air conditioning; pressurized cabin; hydraulic cleaner trench; lateral hydraulic cleaners and lift cabin.

COEXA S.A. It is a family company with a history of over 35 years in the construction industry and services. The company is located in Mallorca, where he has spent most of its business. A company capable of developing any type of project, whatever its size. Since its inception, it has developed its core business in the construction sector, and more specifically in the construction of civil works.

COEXA S.A. is classified and qualified to develop, with the maximum guarantee of success, a variety of projects of all kinds: highways, roads and any road project; developments and provisions of services; pipes and manifolds for driving and rainwater drainage, potable water and sewage; maritime and recovery and beautification of the coast; regeneration works and sealing of landfills, cleaning and maintenance of streams and natural areas; railway projects and so on.

In recent years COEXA S.A. it has expanded into the field of maintenance contracts and maintenance of road infrastructure, water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment, desalination facilities seawater, among others.

The majorcan company already had a wide range of machinery equipped with the latest technology, a varied range of machinery for earthworks of all sizes, including those found all kinds of bulldozers, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, minis property dumpers and grinders. And from now they have one of the most popular trenchers in the market, trencher Trencor 1060 HD.

Trencor is one of the most important manufacturers of trenchers in the world, power up to 1500HP digging ditches 2.4 m. wide by 7m. Emil Import is the exclusive distributor for Spain, with extensive experience in sales thanks to Emil Import which has been recognized and awarded several times as best distributor in the world of the firm Trencor.