Crushers and Screeners Market in 2015

Sales of crushers and screeners has not taken off if we talk about new machines, unlike what happened in other sectors of construction machinery. Only in 2015 it has sold one more unit than 2014, which makes the trend remains positive but very slow. Used machinery still has much more presence in this sector.

As we discussed in previous news, the trend of selling mobile crushers and screeners changed in 2014. They came to sell 13 teams (5 screeners crushers and 8), 7 more than in 2013 and 2 more than in 2012. In 2015 teams the improvement was 7.7%, this is a much lower increase when compared to other families of teams that have grown in some cases beyond 90%. We can say that the trend is positive, but still a very flat and low-growth market.

In the study of sales in 2014, the greatest impact was in the first half, while in 2015, occurs on the contrary, in the first half 5 crushing and screening units were sold, while in the second the number of 9 units reached this could indicate that the market continues to improve gradually. We will have to see how the first half of 2016 and cross your fingers to continue this positive progression.

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Since the crisis began, the sale of used machinery and second-hand units is best worked in this sector. we have been able over the years to find real bargains at events and auctions allowing seminuevas sell crushers and screeners with less than 50 and 60% of its value prices. Many dealers have seen business buying second-hand machinery outside Spain and subsequent sale on the domestic market. Also noteworthy is the movement of machines that have been sold from Spain to other countries in Europe and North Africa in recent years. 2015, the trend in the sale of used machinery does not change, and is characterized as a year where almost the movement of crushers and screeners has focused on second-hand machinery. Note that they have been accommodated during these years in the market both pre-owned units and equipment with long hours and not in such good condition.

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Mobile Crushers Sales in 2015

Mobile crushers are those that have weathered the crisis worse. As discussed earlier, in 2014 the trend in selling crushers changed positively, with a sales increase of 500% compared to 2013. It should be noted a curious fact that all computers sold in that period were with impact crusher. In 2015, the increase in sales was 40%, which means that it has gone from 5 units 2014-7 in 2015. Of which three were with jaw crusher and 4 impact crusher.

Mobile Screeners Sales in 2015

The market for mobile screeners changes from 5 units in 2013 to 8 in 2014, representing an increase of 160%. In 2015, this section again suffer a decline, moving from the 8 units in 2014 to 7 in 2015, although not a very high percentage, yes confirming that these teams do not end up out of the crisis.

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