Emil Import: Leading Company #1 In Machinery Trading

With sales in more than 32 countries is the number one in sale of new machinery and used machinery in the world!

Emil Equipment includes demolition equipment, handling, recycling, compaction and drilling. Among the equipment are quick couplings, digger and loader accessories inclination or portapallets sweepers. In demolition: shears, pulverizers, grazers, hammers and more. Handling equipment include tweezers, octopus, bivalves, suction lift, magnets, articulated arms, spoons and recycling crushers and screeners. In terms of compaction we have compactors wheels, trays compactors, rollers and vibrators. Drilling equipment, among others: vertical augers, augers for agriculture, holes for posts, trenchers accessories.



All types of equipment and tools for compaction: road roller compactor, wheel compactor, bin compactor for trenches, etc.



The best equipment for demolition: hammers, grazers, shears, pulverizers, extendable arms for remote demolition hammer terminator, etc.



If you are looking for drilling equipment you´d visit this section, you’ll find: vertical augers, trenchers implements, drilling poles, etc.



Wide range of handling equipment: tweezers, octopus, bivalves, aspiration manipulators, lifting equipment, magnets, articulated arms, screeners and shredders spoons spoons.



Visit our catalog of tools that will make your machinery more effective tool work: quick couplings, hydraulic tilting, staples, spoons and retro excavators, excavator buckets, loader buckets, mulchers for all types of excavators.