Crushers and Screens Sales in 2014

Like every year Fueyo Editores takes the commendable task of collecting sales data on mobile crushing and screening groups in Spain. Emil Import keep fighting hard and working to increase these dates and the market returns to sales numbers for post-crisis years. That is why we look closely at these items and would like to share with you our little summary and conclusions thereon:

From 2002 to 2007 sales of mobile crushing and screening groups have always been above three hundred units until 2007 when most sales of crushers and screens with 417 units was reached. Since then the crisis suffered, during the following years these figures will go down to get to 2013 when there was the lowest in sales of mobile groups with 6 sales, 1 crusher and 5 screeners.

However in 2014 the trend changed and sales of crushers and screens rose again, selling a total of 13 teams, 5 crushers and 8 screens. It is great news for companies dedicated to machinery trading, Emil Import specifically distribute Metso crushers. But if it is true that as from Fueyo Editores predict a return to sales figures of more than 200 units will take 8 to 10 years.

cono metso lt 300 hp
Trituradora Metso - Emil Import
precribadora metso

Market Characteristics

Unfortunately the quality of crushers and screens, technical and commercial service distribution companies as Emil Import, has passed into the background. Today the price of raw teams assess what more in the process. At the same time renting the equipment, which became a good choice for customers as they did not have to purchase the equipment and care of assets, it has been disappearing since the contracted works do not exceed one or two months of duration, and it is not profitable rental option. Something similar has happened in the form of rent to own.

On the other hand, the sale of used machinery is rapidly growing, driven by the crisis. Companies for machinery trading like Emil Import buy used machinery, conditioned through their specialized technical service and sell either domestically or internationally, reaching, such as Emil Import, more than 38 countries.

The sales of mobile equipment in 2014 were carried out by large companies with distribution of their respective brands throughout the country. As is the case with Emil Import distributes nationwide mobile crushers Metso Minerals.

Crushers and Screens differences

Mobile crushing equipment have suffered much the sector crisis than screens. In fact, in 2012 no crusher was sold domestically at all. Luckily for machinery distribution companies, in 2014 the general trend in the sale of crushers changes. It is noteworthy that all crushers were sold with impact crusher.

As for the screens in 2014 seems to start a small upturn in sales is concerned. After six years of decline, they are achieved sell 8 screens. There is a very high data but marked a turnaround compared to previous years.

In conclusion, the increase in sales suggests that things may be improving. After several years of freefall it seems that the trend of the market has changed and has marked a turning point in 2013 when it seems the market bottomed. Since Emil Import we have the illusion so, sales to continue this positive trend and we will work hard to do it.

Fueyo Editores – “El Mercado de los Grupos Móviles en 2014″ Ver noticia.